New Documentary Premiere

We premiered We’re Too Young To Die, a 7 part docu-series, to a packed house at the Lincoln University Graduate Center.

Students who took part in the docu-series sat on a panel along with mental health experts and answered questions from the audience.

Here are the topics covered.

  • Topic 1 – Bullying
  • Topic 2 – Social Media
  • Topic 3 – Peers & Pressure
  • Topic 4 – Self-esteem
  • Topic 5 – Depression
  • Topic 6 – Self Harm & Suicide
  • Topic 7 – Overcoming Obstacles & Achieving Success


Clip from We’re Too Young To Die


Special Thank you to our sponsors and individual donors for making this project possible!

  • Small But Mighty Arts Grant
  • Temple University
  • Beckett Life Center
  • Minding Your Mind
  • Lincoln University
  • Vitamin Water
  • The Actors Center



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