Millenials & Suicide

Real conversations with young people about mental health

Currently, the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why,” which chronicles the life of a teen girl who takes her own life, is trending in the news and on social media. People are questioning it’s reality, if it goes too far, and whether or not they should allow their teens to watch it.

These are all good questions, and while the fictional series is certainly eye opening and a conversation starter, it’s also a controversial approach to depicting why suicide is the answer.

iChoose2live’s docu-series “We’re Too Young To Die” explores all of the same issues as “13 Reasons Why”, but it does so with real youth who have chosen to open up about their experiences. Conversations are moderated by professionals in the mental health industry and young influential community leaders. In fact, the docu-series gives a rare inside look at all of the issues young people may face before getting to the point of wanting to end their lives.

Take a look at one part of the series here.


“We’re Too Young To Die” serves as a resource to help millenials, educators, and parents responsibly navigate mental health topics, which are often times neglected in educational settings. Our goal is to reduce stigma and provide education and prevention strategies.

To see the full video download a digital copy here.

For more information visit


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